Parent Advisory

Parent Advisory Committee

Johnson Early Childhood Center has a parent advisory committee that meets 3 times during the school year.The Advisory Committee is committed to providing many opportunities and experiences through which parents can actively participate in our school. The Advisory Committee will allow parents to become aware of preschool policies and learn about the program.

Parent Volunteers

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's classroom. Parents can help out by joining in the daily activities and helping during meal times and/or center times. Parents can also come in to read to students or simply shadow their child in the classroom. Parents can also volunteer to cut things out or prepare activities at home for use in the classroom. All volunteers must be cleared through the ICHAT criminal data base through the school district before volunteering in the classroom.

Field Trips

Students at Johnson Early Childhood Center attend two field trips a year. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate with your child on each field trip. Field trips are carefully planned out to ensure your child's learning includes social, emotional, motor skills and much more. This is not only a time for your child to learn, but an opportunity for quality time with your child as well. Field trips also provide an opportunity for parents to learn about our community and educational venues for your child to be involved.

Parent Education

Johnson Early Childhood Center offers several parent education opportunities throughout the year. Parents can get advice and tips on topics such as teaching your child at home, discipline, social/emotional development and much more.