2017-2018 Student Council

James - Mitroka

Vincent - Newsome

Cole - Ostrowski

Jordan - Hale

Shyaa - McFarland

Mikey - Mrowca

Landon - Vellmure

Garrett - Heidenreich

Branden - Hooker

Kaiden - Szwed

Student Council

The Student Council is a member of the Michigan Association of Student Councils (MASC)

Their mission is:

  1. To promote self-esteem, pride and leadership qualities.

  2. To promote school spirit within the elementary school and community.

  3. To involve students in sharing ideas and in working together to benefit Randall Elementary School community and the larger community of Taylor.

  4. To give students practice in democracy in action.

  5. To enhance good citizenship.

  6. To experience the rewards of service work, and learn that the actions of a few can make a difference for many.

The Student Council is comprised of two students from each of the third, fourth, and fifth grade classes. These students are elected by their classmates. Once all Student Council members have been elected, they elect officers. This is done by a secret ballot. The Student Council meets on the first and third Mondays of the month. Once a meeting format has been established the meetings are mostly student let by the Student Council president. The teacher advisors contribute when necessary.

The Student Council members operate the school store. The money earned from school store sales pays to replenish the school store stock. It also pays for other activities at school. Each Spring they have an Easter egg hunt for the kindergarteners. They adopted a Mexican Grey Wolf and helped make our school a Michigan Green School.

Student Council promotes school spirit by sponsoring Spirit Week. This week coincides with the annual Pep Assembly. During this week there are many fun activities including: Hat Day, Comfy Clothes Day, Blue and Gold Day, and Backwards Day. Students and teachers have a lot of fun during this week.

Student Council is always looking for ways to make a useful contribution to the Randall School community.