Library Rules

  1. Clean hands keep books clean. 

  2. Never write, scribble, glue, or cut the pages of a book.

  3. Mark your place in a book with a bookmark, not by folding the page of the book.

  4. Turn the page of a book by using the top right corner.

  5. Always carry your books in some type of book bag.

  6. Keep your books in a safe place at home, where little brothers, sisters, or pets cannot bother them.

  7. If you discover a damaged book, give it to the librarian. Never mend a book yourself. Library books are mended with special materials.

  8. Remember to check out your books from the library properly.

  9. Be considerate of others. Speak using an "indoor voice" when you are in the library.

  10. Remember to return your books to the library on time, others may want to check them out!

  11. Be responsible and pay for any damages or lost books.