About Us

Our Mission

Success For Every Student...Whatever It Takes.

Our Vision

We will work together to build purposeful community for all.

Core Beliefs

All children have the ability to learn; high expectations maximize their learning potential.

A safe, nurturing environment increases motivation for students and staff.

Staff, students, and parent, through mutual respect, are responsible for student achievement.

Mustang Promises

We promise to....

  • Listen with our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and undivided attention.

  • Treat people the way we want to be treated.

  • Speak kindly to others and think of other people's feelings.

  • Remember we have the right to pass in certain activities and know we take responsibility for learning when we participate.

  • Think of safety first.

  • We promise to be responsible, respectful, and safe because we are the Randall Mustangs.

Tribes Community Agreements

  • Attentive Listening

  • Appreciations - NO put-downs

  • The right to pass

  • Mutual respect