School Improvement Goals

All students will become proficient in math.

All students will become proficient in science.

All students will improve in reading and writing proficiency across the curriculum.

All students will increase proficiency in social studies. 

Blair Moody Annual Education Report Cover Letter

About Our School

 Blair Moody School serves approximately 410 students in grades Kindergarten through fifth. We have 25 full time, certified teachers in 14 general education classrooms and 5 special education classrooms.  

Our Curriculum

Our school organization has been structured to maximize teaching and learning.  The District approved curriculum is being implemented to insure consistent alignment with student goals and the appropriate outcomes for each grade level as mandated by the State of Michigan Curriculum. 

All goals are developed collaboratively with the involvement of staff and with parents.  Our regular and ongoing assessment assures continuous measurement of student performance. 

Specialized Programs

A team comprised of parents, teachers and a school principal developed a comprehensive model of our School Improvement Plan (SIP) to guide our curriculum for the next several years.Our SIP specifically outlines the student achievement goals and objectives for the coming year.

Blair Moody also serves as a Wayne County Center for Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI) students in grades Pre-K through fifth. This program falls under the direction of the Special Education Department and consists of three self-contained classrooms composed of students from several Downriver areas. 

We, also, house an Early 5 and an Early Childhood Development program. 

Blair Moody has a team of Academic Teaching Assistants, Teacher Aides, a Computer Instructor, a Literacy Lab Instructor, Elementary Student Support Consultant and Lay Personnel who provide supplemental support to students under the direction of grade level teaching staff.