General Information

Welcome to McDowell

The following is some information that will be helpful during our school year.

School Visitations - In order to insure that the educational process of our students is not interrupted, ALL persons other than students and staff members must enter through the front door of the building and go directly to the office. Visitors will be asked to show identification, SIGN IN and will be given a BADGE to wear while they are in the building.

Valuable Personal Items - Please be aware that if a student brings valuable personal items to school, he/she is solely responsible for his/her personal property. If property is missing, the educational process of the other students WILL NOT be interrupted to locate that property.

Emergency Cards - Please make sure that your child's emergency card is completed and returned to school IMMEDIATELY. ONLY those people authorized by you on the card are allowed to pick up your child. All emergency cards must be completed, signed and on file in the school office by September 10 or your child will be asked to stay home until the card is received.

Transportation - The school district will provide transportation for elementary, middle school and high school.

Medications - If your child requires medication during the school day, authorization forms for the administration of medications must be completed by the physician and the parent. Forms are available in the school office. Please note: NO over-the-counter drugs, such as cough drops, Tylenol or cough syrup, etc. can be taken or dispensed without a doctor's authorization.

Custody Issues - Situations occasionally arise concerning students whose physical and/or joint custody is questioned. It is the responsibility of the parent with physical custody of their child to make sure that the child's school has the most current custody papers on file. If the school is not clear on custody the police may be called to assist in custody decisions.

Emergency Closing Announcements - All emergency closings will be noted on Cable TV (Channel 22 in Taylor) and announced on Channels 2, 4, and 7 and on radio stations WJR, WWJ and WNIC. 

Individual School Emergency Closings - Certain conditions such as power failure, water main break, etc. , may necessitate the closing of our school during the school day. If this happens, children will be sent home as quickly as possible and the same manner as regular dismissal. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD KNOWS WHAT HE/SHE SHOULD DO IF THEY GO HOME EARLY AND YOUR ARE NOT THERE. When a school is closed, it will be announced through the cable TV and radio stations listed above.

Recess and Physical Education - Students will not be excused from recess or physical education without a doctor's note specifically excluding them. Dated of the exclusion must be designated on the note. Students will be expected to have recess outside unless the weather is inclement. Students may go outside in the winter when the wind chill and temperature are 32 degrees or above.

School District Website - Please visit the main district website for calendar, benchmarks, district activities and other information.

Students Code of Conduct - All Taylor students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Taylor School District Student Code of Conduct. Copies are available in the school office.

Parent Connect - Taylor School District has a computer program "Parent Connect" which allows parents to view information about their students such as: grades, attendance, schedules and more. To access this please contact the Pupil Accounting office at 313-295-5742.

Dress Code - This is the Taylor School District dress code as it appears in the Student Code of Conduct. The dress code is strictly followed. It is the responsibility of parents to be sure that students come to school properly dressed and ready to learn.

All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly, and cover the bodily region starting at the shoulders and ending no less than three (3) inches above the knees (as determined by the administration), and include some type of foot wear (cannot be "bare foot" nor only have socks, stockings, or slippers on one's feet). Generally, students are prohibited from dressing, grooming or decorating themselves in a manner that distracts others (including administrators, teachers, parents and other students) from meeting or surpassing the academic and achievement goals established by the District and the State of Michigan. Students are also prohibited from dressing, grooming, or decorating themselves in a manner that administrators or teachers reasonably believe is unsafe, or tends to disrupt, diminish or degrade the District's overall educational environment.

Consistent with this policy, the following is a nonexclusive illustrative list of examples of prohibited items:
a. Head coverings (i.e. hats, visors, hoods, bandanas, scarves, do-rags, etc.)
b. Shirts or tops that do not have sleeves that are unable to be tucked, do not tuck into pants and stay tucked in during normal classroom activities or are tied off above the waist (for example, tank tops, halters, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, etc)
c. Shorts, skirts, or dresses that do not reach to at least 3 inches above the knee.
d. Pants that are worn below the waist.
e. Coats or other outerwear designed to be worn outdoors.
f. Clothing that is sexually provocative or revealing, including, but not limited to spandex-type garments, low-cut blouses and shirts.
g. clothing that results in the exposure of undergarment, or excessively torn that exposes skin.
h. Chains (non-jewelry) or chain wallets are not to be worn in school.
i. Clothing accessories, or piercing that may impair the health or safety of the student or others in the educational environment, in the judgment of and administrator or teacher.
j. Clothing that promotes death and/or destruction.
K. Clothing that promotes or contains vulgar, lewd or obscene language, gang or illegal activity, or that is inconsistent with the Districts' Student Code of Conduct.
l. clothing that displays or promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, illegal/immoral activity, creates ill-will, hatred, or is divisive or prejudicial on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability

Students who believe they should be excused from any part of the District's Dress Code Policy, for religious or other reasons, must obtain written permission, in advance, from our principal.