"Our standard is excellence" at McDowell Elementary and let us introduce ourselves...
Welcome to McDowell...

We are so happy to have you at McDowell Elementary school! We serve approximately 340 students in grades K-5.  Thank you for choosing our school as the building block of your child’s education. I am proud to say that we have a wonderful, highly qualified staff.  They take great care in providing a balanced curriculum, which incorporates the academic, social, and emotional well-being of each student.  You have begun a great partnership between home and school that allows your student to grow and develop as a learner. 

You are your child’s most valuable resource.  Please come in and sign up to volunteer and join our parent group. I look forward to partnering with you to advance your child’s learning.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  

Lynne Borg, Principal 

Attention to all students that will be in Ms. Blair's 3rd Grade / Room #167
Here are the supplies that will be very helpful to you in September

1. 3 packs of pencils
2. 2 glue sticks
3. 1 spiral bound lined notebook
4. 2 paper two pocket folders
5. 1 pair scissors
6. 1 small box crayons
7. 3 boxes Kleenex
8. 2 rolls paper towels
9. 1 backpack

We could also use quart and gallon size baggies for students to put math cards for games etc. in. Any art supplies such as markers, colored pencils, construction paper etc. for the class to share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You for Your Support,
Ms. Blair


News & Announcements

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Looking for before or after school care? 

Nanny's Childcare - 9529 Pardee Rd. Taylor,  MI 48180 - (313) 295-7188
Lil' Munchkins - 23006 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180 - (313) 406-9997
Champions (Located at Kinyon Elementary) - 10455 Monroe Blvd. Taylor, MI 48180 - (800) 350-5034

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Upcoming events
Dates for you to remember...

Tuesday 3rd - School starts 1/2 Day
Wednesday 25th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development

Wednesday 2nd - Student Count Day
Wednesday 30th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development

Tuesday 5th - No school, Election Day
Wednesday 13th - 1/2 day, Parent Conferences
Thursday 14th - 1/2 day, Parent Conferences
Friday 15th - 1/2 day, no school in pm
Wed. 27th - Fri 29th - no school, Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday 11th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development
Mon. 23rd - Fri. Jan. 3rd - No school, Holiday Break

Monday 20th - No school
Thurs.23rd & Fri. 24th - 1/2 days, no school in pm
Wednesday 29th - 1/2 day, no school in pmStaff Development

Wednesday 12th - Student Count Day
Monday 17th - No school
Wednesday 26th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development

Wednesday 25th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development

Thursday 2nd - 1/2 day, Parent Conferences
Friday 3rd - 1/2 day, no school in pm
Mon. 6th - Fri. 10th - No school, Holiday Break
Wednesday 29th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development

Wednesday 13th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Staff Development
Friday 22nd - No school
Monday 25th - No school, Memorial Day
Wed. 27th - Fri. 29th - All library books due back

Friday 12th - 1/2 day, no school in pm, Last day of school!