Kennedy High School JROTC


What it is!  Junior ROTC is a high school course given during regular school hours but includes many out-of-classroom type activities.  We teach leadership skills (like how to motivate others, solve problems, make decisions), personal skills (how to study, set goals, increase self-confidence, interview for jobs) and cover the basics in history, government, citizenship, technology awareness, physical fitness, substance abuse training, map reading and first aid.


Extra Curricular Activities Include:  Drill Team, Color Guard, Raider (Adventure) Team, Rifle Team, Team Building camping trips, Summer Camp, Field Trips, Military Ball and Awards Banquet.  ALL THE TEAMS ARE CONSIDERED VARSITY LEVEL after the first year of participation.


Program Benefits to the Student:

·         Increased confidence and self-esteem

·         Enhanced sense of accomplishment and pride

·         Greater cohesion and teamwork

·         Improved communication skills

·         Enhanced leadership abilities

·         Appreciation of physical fitness

·         Increased scholarship availability

·         Increased pay if you enter the military service


Program Benefits to the School and Community:

·         Better student attendance

·         Greater propensity to stay in school and graduate

·         Safe, disciplined environment

·         Community and school service projects completed JROTC cadets

·         Enhanced school recognition and community awareness

·         Increased student success after graduation

 PDF DocumentJROTC Course Offerings

 PDF DocumentJROTC Program of Instruction and Learning Objectives