High School Merger Information

After a few years of weighing the pros and cons of merging the two high schools into one, the decision to close Kennedy High School and combine Kennedy and Truman students and staff into the Truman High School building has been made.  The next steps of this project are of utmost importance and will involve the feedback of many groups within our school community.   

This information page will keep the TSD district community, which includes students, teachers and staff, parents, and Taylor residents, up-to-date on all that is happening with the high school merger.

Board of Education

Monday, November 13 at the Taylor School District Board of Education meeting, the Taylor School Board voted unanimously on the new merged high school's name, colors and mascot. Based on the feedback from students, parents, faculty and staff and the survey results that all showed the same top choices, the Board of Education voted to make "Taylor High School" the name of the merged high school for the 2018-2019 school year.  Also, they declared the mascot to be the Griffin, and the color scheme will be Black and Gold.

More information will be shared soon, and the district will need your help soon with another survey.  The district will be asking for your help as we design and then select the version of the Griffin mascot that we want to copyright as our new mascot for the Taylor School District. Stay tuned for this survey coming soon in the next few weeks!  It is an exciting time to be in the Taylor School District.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first surveys, and thank you in advance for your continued help with this important work.

Initial Survey Results

In early October there were three initial surveys conducted to solicit feedback on merging the high schools.  The summary results are provided below:

Student Results

TSD Staff Results

Parent / Community Results

Second Survey

The second survey is to help narrow down the results of the first survey to move forward with the high school merger.

Student Results TSD Staff Results Parent / Community Results


Merger Committee Meetings

Merger Committee Meetings Dates

Participation & Questions

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in helping with the high school merger process, please click the icon below to e-mail Mr. Ben Williams, Superintendent.

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