PAES Presents to the Rotary Club 2017

Rotary Mock Interviews - 2017

On Tuesday, May 16th, ten members of the Taylor Rotary conducted mock interviews with Taylor Career & Technical Center students. Participants included forty students from Mrs. Smith’s Nursing program and thirty students from Mrs. McKenzie’s Business Administration Management class. Each student was given the opportunity to present their resume and answer several interview questions. The Taylor Career & Technical Center would like to thank the following Rotarians for donating their time; Armando Sardanopoli, Therese Maggioncalda, Donna Dieterich, Ethyl Cronk, Simone Clavas, Phil Matous, Dave Hamilton, Yolanda Jackson, Matt Yascolt, and Rachael Dodge. A special thank you to Armando Sardanopoli for his help in organizing the event. Thanks to our volunteers, students were able to receive wonderful feedback on their interview skills from industry experts. It is our goal to expand this event next school year. We look forward to working with the Taylor Rotary in order to make that happen.

Rotary Presentation- 2017