The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block is Taylor's student-run restaurant.  It is part of the Culinary Arts Program at the James I. Maley Career and Technical Center. 

Chopping Block front (1)

Chef Lesley Gauthier


  • Samantha Ansell
  • Christine Shiroda

9551 Westlake Rd., Taylor.
313-295-5757 ext. 12106/12107


The Taylor Career Center has a new Culinary Arts Chef this year, Lesley Gauthier. Lesley is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with degrees in Culinary Arts, Food Service Management and Hospitality. She has 15+ years of culinary experience and is excited to take the culinary program to a new elevated level.

The first event of the culinary program will be our Fall Soup Sale! Throughout the year, The Chopping Block will be open for theme days a couple times a month. The first theme day being October 19th with an Oktoberfest Feast!  Check out the other theme days and come in and join us!



Want to order some soup, print your order sheet here. 

When are the other restaurant theme days, you ask?  Check them out here.

Full size Oktoberfest menu here.