Educational Websites for Students and Families

Educational Websites and Resources for Students and Families

Below you will find a list of resources on the internet that you and your child may find fun and useful.  Many of the websites listed will have a parent section once you get to their site. New websites will be added in the future as they are found and researched.  


Chili Math  Good for Algebra 
Cool Math
AAA Math
A Plus Math

Literacy (Reading, Writing, Grammer, & Spelling)

Book Adventure 
Between the Lions
Word Girl
Inkless Tales
Rhyme Zone 


National Geographic Kids
Discovery Kids
Magic School Bus
BBC Science

Social Studies & History

All About the United States
Explorers A-Z 
National Parks 
50 States

General Interest

KS2 Bitesize
Fun Brain
Learner Interactives

 Please note that the Taylor School District  is not responsible for the content of sites outside of the district website.  These links are provided to our familes and community members as a courtesy.   We are not responsible for their content nor do we endorse any of the services offered.