Adventure Learning

TeacherMs. Spieles  

Class Goal: Students will experience teamwork, life skills and appropriate conflict resolution strategies through adventure challenge activities. Students will learn ways to be an effective, healthy person. 

Grading: 60% appropriate participation and preparation (effort, attitude, behavior and being prepared) 

40% class assignments, projects and homework 

Homework: I give 2 – 3 days to complete an assignment. Sometimes the work requires a parent signature for full credit. 

Course Requirements: Students do not need a special folder or notebook for this class; However, they must have a pencil each day. Failure to do so will lower their grade. Having a pencil is part of being prepared. 

Lesson Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Nutrition Info and Guidelines– Healthy eating habits 
  • Physical Activity Information and Guidelines 
  • Healthy and Safe Living 
  • Trust Building (how to help and ask for help) 
  • Problem Solving and how to lead effectively 
  • Independence and Self-Governing (with focus on listening, communication, and handling frustration appropriately) 
  • Observation and Communication Skills 
  • The Importance of Planning *Life Skills 
  • Assertiveness *Handling Different Perspectives