Truman Farewell

Farewell_5The Truman staff congratulates all the Seniors on their graduation and wishes them well for the future.  Click on the gallery for more farewell pictures. 


Drug Free Taylor

IMG_0853Truman students Rachel Trombetta and Linda Szabo participated in the Taylor School District's Drug Free Taylor.  Click on the gallery for more photos.

Spirit Week 2015

Truman High School participates in Spirit Week 2015.  The winner this year was the juniors! Click on the gallery for more spirit week photos.

Bullying Awareness

002 (1)
Truman had a trivia contest the week of March 13th, themed around bullying statistics. Hopefully, everyone learned a little bit about the negative impact bullying has on young people's lives. These are the six winners (one from each lunch) of the contest. Each winner received a Meijer gift card. They are: Curtis Abrams, Jimmy Torres, Calvin Bryant, Cody Osbron, Shelby Robinson, and Maia Oakes.

Cougar Kindness


Derrick Smith is the most recent Cougar Kindness winner!  See the gallery for past winners.

WHST Broadcasting


The broadcasting class, taught by Ms. Hanning, visits the Channel 4 studio. Click on the gallery for more photos of the broadcasting class in action.


Storytelling Project in Mr. Schwartz' Class


Mr. Schwartz had his students compelte a storytelling project.  Mrs. Rzepecki, our school media specialist, models what storytelling would look like.  Click on the gallery for more photos of students completing the project.

Blood Drive

005 (2)

Truman students are showing off their Cougar Pride by donating blood. See the gallery for more photos.

Word of the Week


Cindy Nyarko is Truman's most recent Word of the Week winner! See the gallery section for past winners.


011 (1)

The pottery class is working hard creating their artwork. Click on the gallery for more photos.

Mr. Solak's class


Mr. Solak is integrating technology into his classroom here at Truman.

Mix It Up Day


At our annual Mix It Up Day, students are asked to sit at a different table during lunch and meet at least one new person.  Students were also asked to determine one thing they had in common with everyone else at their new table. Click on the gallery for more photos.

Safe Halloween


Truman High School hosts a Safe Halloween event for all Taylor School District elementary students each year.  Many students take part in various fun activities during this great event. Click on the gallery for more photos.

Basketball Sportsmanship Award


The Varsity Boys' Basketball team was awarded with the Top 100 Sportsmanship award for 2014.  Pictured above is Coach Chuck Suttles with the banner awarded to the Cougars.

College On-Site


Truman students attend the annual College On-Site Day, where many Truman Seniors will be accepted to colleges and universities right on the spot. Way to go Truman Seniors!

Homecoming 2014


The Truman High School Homecoming Court for 2014 is pictured above with Principal Mrs. Skopczynski.  Our football team played the Lincoln Park Railsplitters at Friday night's game and the dance was held the following night in the Truman gymnasium.For more photos, click on Homecoming 2014 Gallery.