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K: Feeling The Beat: we are working on feeling beat and the difference between beat and rhythm.

1st:: We are working on keeping the beat steady and writing simple rhythms.

2nd: We are working on simple to complex rhythms and improvising over a steady beat.

3rd: Learning to Read: We are learning to read notes on the staff in treble clef. Students should have received a Recorder Order note home. Please return notes with $3 if you would like for me to order a new recorder for your student.

4th & 5th: Reading and Composition: We are working on reviewing the notes of the lines and spaces in both treble clef and bass clef. Additionally we are learning about the circle of Fifths and why it is important to learning the different Key Signatures in music.  Our first composition are SCALES all 12 major keys! 

Ms. Wilson; Music Director