Our school is now offering to our students the opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack.

             The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack will be served in class during a non meal time.

                  Please enjoy and remember the importance of  fresh produce to your health.


Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Menu

Wednesday 1st - Carrot Package
Friday, 3rd - Melon Medley
Monday, 6th - Bag of sliced apples
Wednesday, 8th - Grapes
Friday, 10th - Cucumber slices
Monday, 13th - Fresh pear
Wednesday, 14th - Pinapple Bites
Friday, 17th - Whole Grape Tomatoes
Monday, 20th - Fresh Apple
Wednesday, 22nd - NO SCHOOL
Friday, 24th - NO SCHOOL
Monday, 27th - Carrot Package
Wednesday, 29th - Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas