"Reading with the Angels" is a reading program that was the inspiration of retired teacher Kate Capion and Fur Angels founder Martha Hall.

The therapy dogs are the ideal audience, providing a positive, non-intimidating and fun environment to a child who is just learning to read and struggling with new words. The dogs don't tease or rush the child as they read a story aloud at their own speed and proficiency. Instead of getting flustered or embarrassed, the children read aloud with focus and confidence. Their fear is soon replaced by self-esteem and determination.The reading program has been a motivator to encourage better reading skills and self confidence in children.

The members of the "Fur Angels" who participate in this program must first go through extra training and be qualified to help with reading. Members are supervised at all times in the schools and libraries.

Those interested in learning more about the work of the "Fur Angels" may visit the group's website at www.thefurangels.org or email at: thefurangels@hotmail.com