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Dear McDowell Families,

McDowell Elementary serves 300 plus students in grades K-5th.  We are centrally located inside the city of Taylor.  We have 13 general education classrooms, 2 special education self-contained classrooms, 3 learning resource rooms, an in house reading specialist, library, gym, and music room. All of our teaching staff is highly qualified. Addtional staff includes a speech and language teacher, bilingual teacher consultant through Wayne RESA, a special education social worker and a special education psychologist.  We are fortunate to have support services from a secretary, academic teaching assistant, school nurse, cooks, maintenance and several lay personnel.  Here at McDowell we work together to make the school a safe, and welcoming learning community for all.

We all hope you have a wonderful summer vacation and we'll see you back in the fall! Keep reading because we know "Readers make Leaders!" 


Principal, Ms. Borg  and Staff



News & Announcements

Walking is good medicine!

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Healthy Taylor wants to help you make walking a part of your fitness routine. Join Beaumont doctors and city officials at the next community walk event at Heritage Park. Come enjoy the Farmer's Market too!!

Summer is just around the corner -

Time to start thinking of good activities to keep our brains strong. Reading should be at the top of all of our lists to exercise our brains. Scholastic Book Company says that if we read just 4 books over the summer we will maintain all of  the knowledge we learned in school this year. This is a list of what readers are -

  •  Less Stressed
  • Have a Larger Vocabulary
  • Have Stronger Thinking Skills
  • Have Better Focus and Concentration
  • Have Better Speaking Skills
  • Appreciate Other Places and Cultures
  • Keep Brain Stimulated
  • Have Better Memory 
  • Improves Creativity
  • Are Better Writers


Taylor has partnered with Champions for all your child watching needs. Enroll now for Memorial Day recess care or  Summer Camp at Kinyon Elementary.











Wayne Metro Sponsors Summer Food Service Program for Children 

Free Summer Lunch Program

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