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A Great Book Fair is headed your way Feb. 23 - March 2. Scholastic brings us lots of great books. Check out this page to preview all the fun!


Highlights and author interviews too_

Please enjoy the following that explains how a your Book Fair helps develop stronger reading skillls

You may search our school library catalog from home just like you do when you come into the library.

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Here are some great reading links......

Reading Calendar -  http://pbskids.org/island/activities/

Reading is Fun! http://www.rif.org/

Taylor Public Library - http://www.taylor.lib.mi.us/

What should I read next? Here's a site that you can put in a book you like and it will give you similar books.

National Geographic for Kids - People and Places section, Animals, Activities, Stories and other educational links. This is a learning site up there with the best of them.

Funbrain - A hybrid educational/entertainment site, Funbrain disguises learning through fun, interactive games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball. You’ll also find Web books and comics, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Funolgy - Jokes (“Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side.”); boredom busters like arts and crafts projects; games; magic tricks; wacky facts; and more make up this universe of pure childish fun.

Seussville - Random House publishing has taken Seuss’s teachings to the web, and developed a wonderfully interactive site for kids to explore. With links to videos, games, and Seuss’ classic books,

Lawrence Hall of Science - Answering complex scientific questions in a simple, engaging, and child-friendly manner.

Play "Lightning Librarian"  -  Help Lydia the Librarian find books for the kids before they get upset and leave! The better your memory the better you’ll do at Lightning Librarian.

Great Scholastic site - Play fun in "The Stacks"