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Unity in our Community -

The Truman and Kennedy Class of 2019 Student Councils students, along with their advisors, Carly Lundgren and Joe Maudlin, showed they have real "Unity in our Community".

They started the day volunteering at our local Gleaners in Taylor. The Truman and Kennedy students mixed together and worked as a team on tasks for Gleaners. 

From there they went to Heritage Park and had lunch. Knowing they will be together next year as the first graduating senior class of the newly combined high school, they wanted to take time this year to get to know each other so they can be leaders and instrumental in making the change a harmonious one.

After lunch they there were a series of teambuilding activities to learn more about each other and work together as a team to accomplish goals.  This included some students exchanging social media handles and even phone numbers. 

After teambuilding, they went to the library and broke in to committees to brainstorm ways our student council can help make the change a positive one for next year. 

Today was a huge success!  We want to thank our administration and school board for allowing us this chance and look forward to more "Unity in our Community" activity this year. 

Southern Wayne Cty Regional Ch of Commerce 2017 - Truman

Truman Deca co-hosted a kids against hunger event with St. John's church September 23rd 2017. We had 65 Truman and Kennedy students and parents come help pack food for hungry kids. We packaged 20,952 meals. Kids against hunger donated 20,000 meals for our Truman and Kennedy in-house food pantries. A portion also will be donated to Taylor Fish and Loaves, Hurricane victims, and third world countries. 
We will use the meals to send home with students when school is not in session for them to have access to the food pantry. Example would be summer break, Christmas break, spring break, winter break, etc. 
We want to thank all of our volunteers, Kids Against Hunger Coalition, St. John's church, Taylor Golden Ark 595 F&M, Taylor Federation of teachers, and the Taylor Foundation for Educational Excellence for their monetary donations so we could host this event. 
We are currently holding our annual canned food drive to stock our pantries donations can be brought to Truman High School Sandra Kluk or Carly Lundgren-Barnard. 
It was so great to see our students and families working together to feed our community. A good time was had by all and we look forward to making this a tradition!