Board -

  • President - Darron Patercsak
  • Secretary - Katerina Ristovski
  • Treasurer - Tristin Wittenmyer

Meeting dates calendar for January

Meeting dates calendar for February

From the desk of the Skills USA secretary -

The home schools, Taylor and Kennedy, do not offer trades' classes so Taylor offers vocational classes at the Career Center.  You can only move so fast and learn so much so they offer you a skills program depending on the class you take.  If you're in one of the construction classes we have this after-school program, Skills USA, that you can become a part of.  Skills USA let's you learn a little faster than you would in class.  Mr. Murray and Mr. Nowitzke are in charge of the program but the kids in our program also have a say in what we do and when to meet.  We have a class system set up with a president, secretary and treasurer.  We meet with Mr. Murray and Mr. Nowitzke and discuss times and dates that we will meet, what we will do for projects and whether or not we'll do local competitions with other schools or districts.  By this I mean we have a group from the program go out and do competitions like building mini-houses or cardboard boats with duct tape.  We don't always do competitions though, sometimes we build stuff for the robotics team or we do stuff to raise money by building a dog house.  

The program is a lot of fun because you get to see what it would be like to work with a crew / team, if you want to carry out the trade as a career or just to have a handy skill.  I'd definitely consider joining the class and the after school program.  You get to meet other kids around your age and from your own and different schools.