PAES Lab - Class Page


The PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Lab is located in Taylor's Career Center. It provides hands-on activities for skills found in entry-level jobs in a simulated work environment. 

The lab has over 260 simulated jobs that allow the students to explore a variety of work and life skills.  This exploration helps determine students' strengths and interests.  Workplace behaviors are also addressed to reduce/eliminate possible barriers to employment.

We also work with students to establish a relationship with an adult service agency.  These agencies can provide a variety of services to students after they exit high school such as job skills training, job shadowing and placement, as well as assisting students with living arrangements.

Technology is infused throughout the curriculum.   Students use various apps on iPads to enhance their learning.  We have a 3D printer in the classroom that is used to design and print necessary items in the classroom.  Students also print holiday items to sell as a class room fundraiser.

Some of the PAES kids in their Student of the Month hoodies.  Great job guys!