James I. Maley Taylor Career and Technical Center

Wherever you want to go, we help you get there.  College, certifications, internship, apprenticeship, technical training and a rewarding career are what we prepare you for - all while you're still in high school.  Career Center Catalog 2016-17

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All classes EXCEPT Culinary Arts

  • AM Block ---  7:25  -  8:10 AM
  • PM Block  ---  9:40 - 10:20 AM


Culinary Classes   Truman to Kennedy to Culinary
    Pick up at Truman Pick up at Kennedy Drop off at Career Center
2nd-3rd period  8:15 - 8:40   7:52 8:00 8:15
3rd-4th period   8:45 - 9:15   8:22 8:30 8:45
4th-5th period   9:15 - 9:45   8:52 9:00 9:15


October Happenings -

  • 24th -  parent conferences for 9-12 in PM and evening.  No school in PM for grades 9-12
  • 25th - No school in PM for K-12.  Early Release
  • 26th - Chopping Block closed today
  • 27th - No school in PM for grades 6-12
  • 27th - Chopping Block closed today


Students Getting into the Act

The students in the Culinary Arts class take their jobs very seriously,  Some go the extra mile to dress the part like a professional.  All do their jobs with confidence and a smile.

Outdoor Classroom

Mr. Murray's Home Remodel and Repair class is taking advantage of the nice weather and building an outdoor classroom.  CTE teachers and students will be able to take a break from their usual routine and bring their learning outside.

Heavy Lifting in EMT

The EMT class has hit the ground running! They have learned lifting and moving patients, learned about body mechanics, and safe delivery of a patient to the emergency department.

Yum.  A nice start to a great lunch at the Chopping Block.

Mrs. Lancina, principal of the Career Center, welcomes the students during the beginning of the year assembly.

Mrs.Lancina talking to students at opening assembly.

Soft opening of the Chopping Block student-run restaurant. All smiles.

Mr. Murray's Home Remodel and Repair class taking advantage of the sunny weather and learning about ladder safety.

Unity in our Community

The Truman and Kennedy Class of 2019 Student Councils students, along with their advisors, Carly Lundgren and Joe Maudlin, showed they have real "Unity in our Community".

They started the day volunteering at our local Gleaners in Taylor. The Truman and Kennedy students mixed together and worked as a team on tasks for Gleaners. 

From there they went to Heritage Park and had lunch. Knowing they will be together next year as the first graduating senior class of the newly combined high school, they wanted to take time this year to get to know each other so they can be leaders and instrumental in making the change a harmonious one.

After lunch they there were a series of teambuilding activities to learn more about each other and work together as a team to accomplish goals.  This included some students exchanging social media handles and even phone numbers. 

After teambuilding, they went to the library and broke in to committees to brainstorm ways our student council can help make the change a positive one for next year. 

Today was a huge success!  We want to thank our administration and school board for allowing us this chance and look forward to more "Unity in our Community" activity this year.