If you have any questions or concerns as a parent of a child in the Taylor School District, or if you would like to use any of the resources in the Parent Resource Center, please contact me.

Nannette Kuhn, Title I Parent Facilitator
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Family & Community Expo

Next week is our 15th Annual Family Enrichment Fair, The Family & Community Expo (formerly know as the Literacy Luau).  Could I get you to put the information on the blog along with the flier?
This year will mark the 15th year that we have held our Family & Community Expo (formerly known as the Literacy Luau.)  It is Thursday, March 30th.  It will be held at Kennedy High School.  The doors are open at 5:30 and it runs until 7:30.

The Enrichment Fair has changed over the years , but the goal is the same. We want to connect the 
families of the Taylor School District with resources available in the community.  At the same time we are taking the opportunity to showcase our schools and the resources our students have while they attend the Taylor School District.

Each of the Taylor School District schools is represented throughout the hallways at our exhibit tables.  Student music groups as well as student artists are highlighted as well.

At the Expo, each student will have the opportunity to visit our STEM Center where they will be able to make an Arts & Scraps original creation and experiment building with Legos and Lego robotics.  Also, students will receive a free non-fiction book to take home.

Parents will be able to have a free health screening from Beaumont Health Care Systems as well as connect with other community partners in Taylor.  We have door prizes donated from local businesses: free movie tickets to Cinemark, a bowling part at Skore Lanes, and tickets to the Henry Ford Museum just to name a few.  Free bagged dinners will be available to the first 400 people who attend.