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If you have any questions or concerns as a parent of a child in the Taylor School District, or if you would like to use any of the resources in the Parent Resource Center, please give me a call.

Nannette Kuhn, Title I Parent Facilitator
313-295-5749 ext 12165


November is Family Literacy Month!

Research has shown that the more involved parents are with their children's learning, the more successful children are at learning.  There are many ways that you can celebrate reading with your child this month.  Here are some suggestions on how you can promote familiy literacy.

  • Have your child sit close or on your lap while reading.
  • Make sure you have plenty of books or magazines around the house to read.
  • Point out and read signs as you drive along in the car.
  • Have children read labels on foods.
  • Have your children look at pictures in a book and talk about what is happening in them.
  • Make reading a part of every day, just even for a few minutes.

National Center for Families Learning has a great online resource for parents to use to help celebrate Family Literacy Month.