Present/Former school buildings

History About Former/present School Buildings:

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Bartlett Elementary School  (renamed Racho #2)
built 1966
Bartlett was a preschool for a short period and an adult education center in the mid 1970's
renamed Racho
closed June 2007
razed in 2010

Bernice McDowell Elementary School
built 1972

Blair Moody Elementary School
built 1956 - 15 rooms
addition built 1959 - 10 rooms added

Brake Middle School
built 11/17/1958 (36 rooms)
closed 2007
reopened as The Sixth Grade Academy September 2007
closed June 2016

Clarence Randall Elementary School
built 1956
addition built 1957
addition built 1959 - 18 rooms added

Edgewood Elementary School
built 1928
addition built 1971
This school was razed & replaced by housing development.

Edison Elementary School 
1948 - 2 rooms were added
1951 - 4 rooms were added
razed & replaced by a condominium complex. Condominium complex was torn down.

Eurekadale Elementary School
built 1960
addition built 1971
The Downriver Guidance Center Head Start Program currently occupies the building.

Eureka Heights Elementary School
built 1951
addition built 1952, 1959

Fairlane Elementary School
built 1950 - 10 rooms
1957 - 8 rooms added
Renamed Wareing

Federal Elementary School (Dearborn Heights)
built 1939
addition built 1957
Now the Faith Covenant Church International.

Fred C. Fischer Elementary School
built 1957 - 14 rooms
closed June 2011.

Fletcher Elementary School
built 3/21/1938 (4 rooms)
1947 - 2 rooms added
1957 - 4 rooms added
1962 - 6 rooms added
razed 2017 (city owned green space)

G. Mennen Williams Elementary School
built 1957
Remodeling done and renamed William D. Ford Senior Citizens Activity Center

Harry S. Truman High School
built 1973
First graduating class 1974

Holland Elementary School
built - 9/17/58 - 7 rooms
7/8/71 - 8 rooms added

Hoover Middle School
built 1974

John F. Kennedy High School
built 1964 (opened 1965)
First graduating class 1966

Kinyon Elementary School 
built 1960 (13 rooms)
addition built 1963 - 10 rooms added

Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School
built 1959
addition built 1962
renamed Johnson Preschool Center
closed 2009
preschool placed in (Randall, Myers, McDowell, Taylor Parks)
preschool was temporarily relocated back to Johnson after a fire in the preschool wing of Clarence Randall.
closed 2010
placed back into three schools. (McDowell, Moody, & Kinyon).
reopened September 2014 as  the Johnson Early Childhood Program

Monroe Elementary School
built 1960 - 12 rooms
razed in 2011
The property is now used for greenspace.

Myers Elementary School
built 3/1/1973
added 2 quad portables with 4 rooms each
quads removed 2010

Pine Elementary School
built 1960 - 10 rooms
Now the Taylor School District Maintenance Department.

Racho Elementary School #1
built 1953 - 10 rooms
1971 - 10 rooms added
This property is now used for green space.

Racho Elementary School #2
Bartlett was renamed as Racho    
Closed June 2007
razed in 2010 used as green space
Formally Bartlett Elementary School, Special Education Department, and then Taylor Parks and Recreation Department.

Sand Hill Elementary School
1954 - 3 rooms added
turned into a residential home

Sixth Grade Academy (Formally called Brake Jr. High)
opened September 2007
Closed June 2016

Smith Elementary School
built 1959

Taylor Center Elementary School 
1949 - six rooms added

Taylor Center High School
built 1953 (opened 1954)
1956 - second unit
1957 - third unit
Closed 1997-- two wings of the school were razed some time later, with the remaining portions being fully razed in 2011. The property is now used for greenspace.

Taylor Center Junior High School
built 1954
Houses the district Registration & Pupil Accounting Office, State and Federal Office, and School Improvement Offices on the second floor. TITAN Alternative School is housed on the first floor, as is the district Athletic Office. The Chopping Block Restaurant is also located here. 
TITAN school moved to Truman High School 2015-16 school year.
State and Federal office and School Improvement office moved to the board office 2016-17 school year.

Taylor Parks Elementary School
built 1938
1946 - 7 rooms were added
1950 - 8 rooms were added
1962 - 10 rooms were added

Treadwell Elementary School (originally named Gordonier School)
built 3/14/1938 (4 rooms)
1938 -1958 - 4 rooms added
1958 - 4 rooms added
May 1962 - Multi purpose room and Music room added
Closed June 2006 
Sold - The King of Kings Christian Center.

Truman Junior High School (in same building as Truman High School)
built 1973
Converted to just Truman High School

Wareing Elementary School (originally named Fairlane Elementary School)
built 1950
addition built - 11/9/1956 (10 rooms)
12/12/1958 - 8 rooms added
Closed June 2007
Leased to K-9 Academy Training Facility Fall 2013

West Middle School
built 1963

William J. Myers Elementary School